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The Owl, the logo of the Moutaki brand, is the symbol of wisdom and the Goddess of Wisdom is Athena.

The logo of the Moutaki clothes was based on the names of the two designers Athena and Sofia (wisdom). The idea of launching a brand was based on the question every woman asks: what to wear, today. This resulted in a total collection of clothes and accessories and the creation of the Moutaki brand, a romantic, ethereal and girly yet fashionable brand but, at the same time, timeless and affordable.

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Moutaki is designed and produced in Greece, based on excellent quality of fabrics, production and fit, using mainly Greek soft, feminine fabrics able to highlight the unique patterns and designs.

Moutaki has a main advertising cooperation with Marie Claire magazine and 2 Board, the Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport magazine. Also, they participate at the Greek tourist trade fair, Parousies.