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Hope & Ivy is a contemporary British fashion brand created by Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm.

Epitomised by beautiful embroidery and hand-drawn prints, Hope & Ivy pieces exude confidence and femininity with a bohemian edge.

Beth and Sarah’s friendship formed over a mutual love of beautifully crafted dresses, delicate embroidery, rich textures and a shared desire to create amazing, must-have pieces that will take a special place in your wardrobe.

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Beth and Sarah travel and explore in an endeavour to bring the richness of the world into their Hope & Ivy collections.

From print libraries in New York to embroidery markets in India, the collections are jam-packed with far-flung inspirations and intricate details.

All of the embroideries and prints in the collections have been hand-crafted and overseen by Sarah using artisan techniques. Creating a truly unique collection of dresses, jumpsuits and separates that are made with love.

Hope & Ivy pieces can speak a thousand words, so you don’t have to. The collections are timeless with the soul intention to be cherished and worn time and time again.