you belong somewhere you feel free

When you left the city for a trip to the sea, you often did not feel comfortable, given the unsuitable clothing, because as if by magic,

the climate in this golden bay is always mild, and therefore you went looking for sarongs, bermuda shorts, shorts, costumes and everything that could be used on the beach or on a boat.

So the first shops of ceramics, souvenirs, etc. … are attacked by such requests.

Back to brands

Being the inhabitants of merchant origin, they invented the famous “Positano Fashion”

by improvising successful tailors, shredding scarves, linen or cotton towels, and sometimes ruining even the brides’ kits, transforming fine hand-embroidered sheets and old table doilies of bobbin or crochet, in very elegant evening dresses.

This extravagant fashion was appreciated from the first moments, because it was different and unthinkable from city tailors. The “pezzari”, helped by the beauty of the place, having a carnet of extravagant and wealthy guests but with a great desire for “diversity”, went to stock up on the second-hand markets because the family supplies were finished, having already emptied all the crates to brides outfit.